Saturday, 19 January 2013

Proverb #665

Proverb: Ehi na ọdụ ya so. Literal Translation: The cow is (always) accompanied by its tail. :-) Interpretation: This proverb is used to illustrate fitting pairs ... a man and his wife, a girl and her boyfriend, one man and his dog, a girl and her girls, a boy and his mates, the Pope and his cardinals, someone and his favourite thing / person - and the list goes on and on; it is like the English - birds of the same feathers, flock together, but ours is more economical and succinct ... :-) Ndewonụ Editorial: I kept offering to pay for my dad to attend the conference holding in 2 days time ... as we were concluding deliberations, my dad and I, and deciding on how exactly to do it ... / my dad made me pause and he called my name, "Ụna?" "Dad?" "Ehi na ọdụ ya so." We both laughed hard. He meant ... these deliberations should include my wife. Your mum. Who pays for her? We are still working on answers ... Ndewonụ.

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