Ib●Staịlụ – Igb● Shọpụ

Maybe every 2, 3 weeks or so we could feature exclusive designs from the community.
You know, like something clients or customers might like to see on a T-shirt, stationery or on a mug, or perhaps hanging in a wall frame. 

I know 2 or 3 artists, doing brilliant art: taking brilliant photos, designing fabulous web pages and posting excellent material on Facebook, as well as elsewhere. Maybe it is time to court them a little and invite them to put out their best designs for these spaces and together we can all get a little shop going?

Ke ife unu lo?

And now a trial idea for that IBO T-Shirt company ...

If you saw saw a shirt like this
displayed for about £3.50 - £5.00
@ Shoprite (Naija, SA) or maybe Next in the United Kingdom, would you part with your hard-earned?

Supposing you thought of yourself
as a style guide / guru of some sort
and came up against this either as a submission or perhaps as a concept
product - what would you say are it's strengths? Weaknesses? Design flaws? Does Pink play well against
black as a colour?

Would yellow have worked better - so that the whole T shirt functions
as a kind of warning sign? A modern Ishi agụ (black & yellow)?

Use the comments please. We are simply dying to hear from you (the design audience and the Ibo-style community) . If you click on the shirt graphic - you can view an enlarged picture to get better detail (your escape esc button returns you to the blogsite) ... Please tell us what you think?

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